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From film "Déjà Vu: The Peril of Pauline"
coming in 2023
in roles of both Pauline and Cassie

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Cybela Clare is an award winning Director/Producer/Writer/Actress, known for her popular series ETs Among Us, and feature films Birds Eye View and Animal Magnetism. At present, Cybela's films are streaming on more than 39 international streaming networks, including Amazon Prime Video, Tubi and Gaia, in 185 countries.

Fluent in six languages, Cybela Clare is an Ivy League graduate and former Drama Tutor at Harvard University. A proud member of the Explorers Club, Cybela has traveled the world documenting international wildlife rescues, as incorporated in several of her films.

Curious about the universe from early childhood, Cybela has researched extraterrestrial life for many years. Now that The Pentagon and New York Times have exposed a decades-old government cover-up, Cybela's celebrated series ETs Among Us, at first considered appropriate only for niche audiences, has now become mainstream and is in demand by networks internationally.


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Episode 7 of Cybela Clare’s cutting-edge series “ETs Among Us: Alaska’s Secret Pyramid & Worldwide Alien Archaeology” features Peabody Award winner Linda Moulton Howe, “Monuments of Mars” author Richard C. Hoagland, the History Channel’s David Hatcher Childress, and other renowned international experts. This explosive documentary explores the enigma of the colossal stone pyramids encircling our planet, both their purposes and the incomprehensible technology behind their creation. The film’s extraordinary imagery illustrates the perplexing power of these megalithic monuments: their mysterious energy and their cryptic connection to the Cosmos.


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